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MultiRotor Build and Consulting Service

We offer custom MultiRotor building and consulting services. If you require a MultiRotor copter or drone for a specific application we can help guide you in your purchase as well as build a machine to your exact specifications. Our specialty is creating machines for aerial photography and video applications. Contact us with your requirements using the form below and we will help you create the most professional and reliable flying machine possible.

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If you would like to advertise on please let us know which ad space you would like your graphic/link to appear in and the amount of time you wish to run your ad. We will get back to you with a quote within 48 hours. We have monthly and annual rates available.

Paid Product/Service Reviews

If you would like to review your product or service and feature it on our home page/blog, you may submit it to us for evaluation. We will write a detailed review which examines all aspects of the product or service and we will use images and/or video for the review. The review will be completely unbiased and objective – if we find faults, they will be properly described, likewise if we really love your item we will be sure our readers know. The write-up will be disclosed as being a paid review, accomplished according to our standards of objectivity. Cost: $250. We will include video coverage when absolutely necessary, or if requested. If video coverage is ordered pricing may change depending on your exact request.

Sponsored Post

You write a post about your MultiRotor related service or product complete with links (2 max) and images and we will post it on this website. It will be disclosed as a paid post and will be subject to review so it must be well-written, contain useful information, and be non-spammy. This is a great option to get the word out there to our many readers and it will help you build some link juice as well! Cost: $250

Sponsored Competition

MultiRotor enthusiasts love competitions! So, if you’d like to offer some prizes for them, a competition is an amazing way to spread news about your company, a new product/service, and it’s also a way to increase your social media followers. We use rafflecopter to really get the word out and enable viral spreading of your competition. Cost: $200

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