Richie Cunningham: On Filmmaking

The title should read Ron Howard: On Filmaking, but having grown up with Happy Days playing on the tube – I will forever associate this man with the famous television show. That being said, when I look at the incredible selection of enormous films he has worked on, his accomplishments as a director far overshadow his early acting career.

In this brief clip, Mr. Howard gives us some insight into how he got started in the film industry. He talks about the power of editing and shares some great thoughts that are applicable to any aspiring filmmaker. A few pieces of advice particularly resonate with me. One is his recommendation that anyone who plans direct films should take a few acting classes and even be in some plays. Having acted in the show Line and a few of side projects, I can honestly say I found that being an actor is one of the most difficult things to do well. I myself was a pretty bad actor, but working with the cast of Line taught me a lot about the process, studies required, and what actors go through do their jobs. It was one of the most interesting periods of time in my life and I was lucky enough to work with some very dedicated, non-pretentious people.
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Ricky Gervais on How He Learned to Write

You may be asking yourself why you’re looking at a video of Ricky Gervais on this MultiRotor website. Well, what initially got me involved in these addictive flying machines was the notion that some day I’d be able to capture beautiful video footage from my maniacal copter creations. Ironically, I’ve been so involved in building, experimenting, and hording these machines that little real production work has occurred up to this point. Soon. Lately I’ve been reminding myself repeatedly that nothing will materialize unless I sit down and start to write things again.

I feel this video speaks the truth as it touches on a simple observation about writing that may help both myself and other aspiring MultiRotor filmmakers. Also, I’m a fan of Ricky Gervais and really do enjoy his brand of humor. Both editions of The Office television series amuse me, and whether or not you’re a fan the show I think it is fair to say that the writing behind it is unique and well executed.

I’ve been paying close attention to recent outflow of MultiRotor videos being published online and what I notice is that everyone who flies copters is extremely pleased with having the ability to capture beautiful aerial footage. However, very few are using that footage to tell a cinematic story. Lately, the question I’ve been asking myself is this: now that I have the ability to capture images and footage from quadcopter – how will I use that ability to help tell a story. The answer – start writing.

You can read the story that covers this video on Fast Company.